Are you looking for prime designer for Your ambitious projects in fields of 3D modeling, animation or visual design?


You are in the right place! Why?


I have been designing advertising graphics and publication works since 2007, and since 2012 it has been expanded with the fields of 3D design (3D modeling, visual design, 3D animation and advertising film production). Together, they already offer enormous long-range opportunities for the qualitative and soaring creativity. Build a complete 3D scene, create stylish characters and models, refined visual designs and product design, spectacular layout designs spiced with 3D elements and motifs…


My services with high quality requirements and a great experience background are the best guarantees that you will get the best in 2D / 3D visual design and animation according to your ideas and needs!


What I Offer: Creating quality media contents and 3D visualization. Conceptional Design, Modeling, Animation Making

- making 3D animated films and commercials

- character modeling, 3D modeling, (stylized or anatomically correct) living beings, various fictional, imaginary or real-life creatures, creatures, plants, insects, etc.

- complete preparation of 3D models for films (multi-tile texturing, rigging, rendering)

- 3D construction of complete scenes, places, scenery for bluebox, greenbox technique for movies

- 3D design and development of advertising and promo figures for online and offline promotions

- object modeling: reproductive model creation of objects, representation of high-precision operation, and product presentation

- 3D design, product and unique jewelry design

- advertising graphic design, logo design, corporate identity


A taste of my work can be seen on the following pages...


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3D Modeling (Creatíve and Reproductional Modeling)


3D animation (Commercials, Main Titles, Intros)


Design and visualization (Product Design, Conceptional Making)


Advertising Design (Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Publication Design)


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